Today I have come to regret not being extraordinarily wealthy. Think about it…money makes everything easier. If you have money then you have a nice house with a nice garage, lawn, and maybe a pool. The rooms are big and the furniture is expensive. You have silk sheets and a water fountain that dispenses Hawaiian Punch. You have all the best electrionic equipment and you are the envy of everyone on the day of the big game. If you have money, your children go to a nice school with other wealthy boys where they learn important things like fencing and crew. And to top it all off…you can even get one of those black AMEX cards that everyone raves about. What is bad about this? If you can think of something please let me know because I can not see a downside to it.

Great Cars

I would love to go to the places that rich people go. All of the parties events. Being able to hire a car whenever you want and go to where ever you want at a moment’s notice. I would love to have hand-crafted leather Tunisia high-backed chairs mainly just because I like the sound of it….but if I had money I could waste it on things that I like the sound of. You hear rich people all the time complaining about taxes and people always wanting handouts. You hear about the “struggle” of the independently wealthy. I do not believe a word of it.

Aston Martin DB9

All of this brings me to the Aston Martin DB9 coupe. What I believe to be the most beautiful car ever made. It is almost simplistic in its beauty. The classic Aston grille, the sweeping lines along the sides, the wide tires combined with a low (but not too low) stance, and the elegant back end. Whenever I see this car it puts me on the verge of tears…it’s that beautiful. It does not have all the angles and sharp points of a Ferrari, nor does it look mean and boisterous like a Lamborghini. And unlike the other two, this car can in no way be seen as making up for certain male short comings.

Sure, I admit that some of the dash trimmings look like they came out of a Ford Fusion, but the seats are hand-crafted leather, and everything in this car is designed with the connoisseur in mind. I don’t mind that it is not quite as exclusive as Astons were in the past and that the chassis is bacically a Ford platform, these are minor things brought into perspective when you think about what it is capable of. It has a 6.0L V-12 engine that puts out 463hp and 443ft-lbs of tourqe. Aston offers an optional sports package that has upgraded suspension and titanium wheel nuts. All of this from a GT car. This is not some stripped out racer with nitrous tanks in the trunk or a sloppy American Muscle car that will beat you to death, drink all of your gasoline, and rape your wife, this is a car that exemplifies refinement and class. This is a car that is much less “Jack the Ripper” and much more “James bond”. When you show up in one of these it makes everyone stop and think to themselves “I wish I were that person”. Old people can get into it and out of it (if necessary), it has a proper boot, and the engine is in the correct place. What more could you ask for?

If you are wealthy, you have access to cars like this…so this whole struggle with being wealthy is nothing but pure rubbish. So once again I do regret that I am not a wealthy person because I forgot to mention the price…..$155,000 base. That being that….I have to live my life knowing that I will never own one.